Friday, April 11, 2014

We're going to call this Fabulous Friday!

What a great day! I am going to tell you all about it. Mommy and I started out by picking Mommom up at 6:00am. They needed coffee so first stop was Dunkin. We had no traffic into Philly and arrived at 7:00. Perfect timing because we had two buckets to deliver. Our first bucket is actually there waiting for its new Mommy. Zoe is arriving to CHOP on 4/23. Our second bucket went to the cutest 3 year old boy. Kellan had heart surgery this week and wasn't feeling too good yet. Our little tiger was crying when I walked in. That made us all cry with him. But, when he saw Woofi he smiled!

We left their room and headed for my kidney ultrasound.  After that we had a 9:30 appt with my surgeon. I was nervous because the radiologist saw some white spots which mean stones. My Dr said everything looked good and he didn't think those white spots are anything to worry about. I do not have to go back for a year! Yippee!

Next stop.......Starbucks, my favorite place for a chocolate chip frappachino.

Onward to my family at the Clarke School for the Deaf! I love these teachers. I am where I am today because of them. They taught me how to listen, hear and speak. When you get an implant you don't just wake up and be able to hear. It takes lots and lots of therapy!  I stopped to give them a copy of the book I wrote. It was a special day at Clarke. It was grandparents day. I talked to all of them about the journey I have been on and gave them hope for the little ones that belong to them. They had to leave knowing their children are in good hands at Clarke.

It was such a great day from start to finish!

Monday, April 7, 2014

It Was a Pay It Forward Kind of Weekend!

Happy Happy Monday!

Have you ever read the book called, "Have You Filled A Bucket"?  If you haven't it is one of our favorite books.  When the bucket project first started we included that book inside each bucket.  A couple times the publisher actually donated all of them.  This book is about every person having a bucket and each person can fill buckets by making people  happy.  You can also be a bucket dipper and do not so nice things and empty other peoples buckets. 

Morgan has a bucket that is totally overflowing right now!!!!!  This past week was awesome with people filling Morgan's bucket.  It all started last weekend with the photographer giving almost 200.00.  We get home and she received a 100.00 donation in the mail.  On Friday night Morgan's mommy went to a painting class and some of the people at the class said, Oh, we follow Morgan's Magical Ears on facebook!  They were excited to meet her in person.  Morgan left there with a 20.00 donation.  When we got home Friday evening a car pulls up in front of our house and another bucket filler was there to give Morgan all the coloring books and crayons for the Easter drop off! Saturday morning Morgan bucket started to overflow.  She went to the bank to cash in the change that was donated to her bucket project.  Over 113.00 worth of change that was all donated by the most awesome bucket fillers in the world.  Morgan is so thankful for everyone helping make her bucket project a success! 

Funny Cakes are being delivered next Wednesday and Thursday.  Thank you to those that ordered these yummy sweets for your Easter weekend.

Have a wonderful week and remember be a bucket filler not a bucket dipper!

Love, Morgan and friends!!!!

Sunday, March 30, 2014

Where is Spring?

Today is March 30th and it is a cold and rainy weekend.

All the 2nd graders at Pennview did our play last week.  We did it for our grandparents on Thursday. On Friday night we did it for the public. The play was Jonah and everyone loved it.

On Saturday Rylee and I got our pictures taken with live chicks and bunnies.  The very talented Joanna from Bountiful Babies in Center Valley did them. Joanna has a special place in our hearts. Joanna heard of Morgan's bucket project and decided to pay it forward herself. Joanna gave a portion of all her spring photo shoots to Morgan's bucket project. This project has done so much more than make chikdren smile. Heck, that alone would be enough. This project brings out such good in people. We came home from the photo shoot and found a crisp 100.00 bill in the mail box. It came all the way from Florida!

It is so awesome to see God working!

Morgan sold 125  funny cakes.  It will be fun to see all the people when we deliver them.

Bucket day is coming up! Morgan just finished writing her own book to put with the buckets. Hopefully we will find a publisher that might like to donate the printing of some books.  The book tells Morgan's story of how the bucket project came to life with lots of special pictures.

Today is CHOP Doctor Day. We honor Dr John Germiller, our hero!  He gave Morgan the miracle of hearing!

Love, Morgan's Magical Ears!

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Monday, March 17, 2014

Morgan here.....................

Hello everyone,

It is me, Morgan.  I am all better!!!!!  I go back to CHOP on April 11th for a post surgery check up. 
I feel really good and am drinking a ton of water.  Maybe I should have told Mommy to make it green for St Patricks Day today. 

I am starting to get by buckets ready for my Easter drop off. On Saturday I went to Hobby Lobby and found some neat stuff that I think kids will like.  I was able to do this shopping trip because a friend of Mom mom's and now a friend of mine too, gave me all their change they saved up.  I found neat cups that each have three pictures in for the little kids to color and make their own special cup.  We have to meet up with Woofi's Mommy and Daddy soon to pick up a big box of Woofi's.  As everyone knows that is the best present in the whole bucket.  This is a fun part of my projec. It  is picking out so many neat things for the buckets.  We have been asked if I need help.  The answer is a big fat YES!  We would love to receive your donations for the buckets.  We put things in them like crayons, coloring books, bubbles, snacks, (but not chocolate or peanut butter things) water, juice boxes.  I make at least 6 buckets that are just for babies each time we drop off.  In the baby buckets are sippy cups, Gerber snacks, anything in the baby aisle.  Sometimes I have a hard time thinking what little boys like though.  We don't put candy or sweets in the buckets though. 

I am doing a fundraiser right now.  We are selling funny cakes for 8.00 each and they will be delivered the Thursday before Easter.  So far I have sold 75 of the 100 we planned to sell.  Thank you to all my new funny cake eaters!  For those that don't know what a funny cake is, it is a Pa Dutch recipe.  It is a regular pie crust with chocolate on the bottom and vanilla cake on the top.  I think it is called funny cause when you bake it you put the cake batter on top  of the pie shell and the choc syruppy part on top and then when it is baked the chocolate goes to the bottom and the cake is on top.

As for school, as usual, I LOVE IT!  Everything is awesome at school.  I have grandparents day coming up next Thursday and then Friday the whole second grade is doing a play at night called Jonah.  I love bible stories.  Yesterday in Sunday School we learned about the blind man that Jesus put mud on his eyes and he was able to see.  My miracle came to me thru Jesus too but mine wasn't mud it was an awesome surgeon, Dr John Germiller that Jesus gave a gift to him and he was able to give it to me.  Miracles happen every day and you can tell anyone you know that my being able to hear is a miracle from God!

Have a fun week everyone!


Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Paying it Forward Just Because............................

I feel so so much better.  It was a horrible week.  I was in so much pain like I never imagined.  I couldn't even get upstairs til Friday.  When I had to go to the bathroom I just prayed and prayed.  It just hurt so terribly bad.  On Sunday night Mommy and I pulled the stent out.  I think I screamed so loud I could have heard myself without my implants on!!!!!!!  Mommom and I prayed while Mommy pulled the stent out.  It felt so good to get that out of me.  I have had a stent inside of me since February 6th. 

I have be given so many get well cards and gifts that it is now my time again to pay it forward.
I am so thankful for all the love that was given to me.  So many Sunday school classes from all over the area took the time to make me really nice cards.  There are so many good and God loving people in my life.  God is so good to me!!!  My Pennview family has supported me beyond our wildest dreams.  I am so happy to call them FAMILY!  Once again God is using me to do his work.  I along with the help of my family are making children smile. I think when kids smile adults do too.

Tomorrow my pay it forward project will be taking place in Pottstown, PA.  I have learned that there is a program called Operation Backpack that provides food to children in need.  These children would go without food the entire weekend.  This program provides help to 58 children in this local school district.  The children pick up a back pack on a Friday and bring it back to school on the following Monday.  If this organization didn't do this there would be 58 very hungry children.  I am going to be dropping off things for their back packs tomorrow and then sometime in the near future I am hoping to help pack the back packs on a Wednesday night.

Thank you again for all the love that has been poured on me during February!

Morgan and Mommy