Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Tuesday, April 14, 2015

YIPEE!!!! California Here I Come!

We are so excited to announce I have been chosen as one of the 2015 Hasbro Community Action Heros for 2015.  Mommy and I will be leaving for California tomorrow after school.  I will be meeting the CEO of Hasbro and all the other kids that have done amazing things for their communities 

I  have now donated more than 500 buckets to Children's Hospital of Philadelphia.  I  have also shipped buckets across the country to other kids that need some cheering up. I just love love love to make kids smile and their families too. 

We do not update this blog very much anymore as we use facebook as our communication tool.  You can also find me on facebook under Morgan's Magical Ears.  I will update this blog when we return home from California and show you lot of pictures and also tell you what I did.

Thank you everyone for supporting me!  I just have so many people that helped me over the past 4 years to get this ministry as far as I have gotten it. 

So,,,,, here is to Making Smiles Happen in LA

Love to all of you,


Saturday, September 6, 2014

Pennsburg-East Greenville Community Day

Today we participated in our towns community day. There is something special about belonging to a small community where one town turns into the next on the very same street.

 Living in a small town has both good and bad.  If you are a private person you might as well live somewhere else. In small towns everyone know mostly everyone and if they don't someone else does.  On a positive note a small offers love and compassion from people you don't even know personally but they are still part of you.

Today so many neighbors stopped to hear Morgan tell her sweet story of what Morgan's Magical Ears is.  These new friends were so empathetic! They liked hearing how Morgan's deafness turned into these buckets of love she shares with CHOP kids and other sick children. We would love nothing more than to see Morgan not have to deal with batteries that run out at the worst time or having to spend time getting her implants waterproofed so she can go swimming or learning to be her on advocate already in elementary school.  But these things have all turned Morgan into the most beautiful, caring, tender hearted 8 year old you can imagine.  Morgan takes nothing for granted. She loves making people smile and will always be there with a sincere hug when she sees one needed.  The hearing sense she was born without was given back to her twofold in having a sense that most don't have. She can sense when her love is needed and she has no problem giving it. She has had to be around adults from 6 weeks old and you can tell if you have had the chance to talk with her she is very comfortable around adults. She is an 8 year old but a very mature young lady.

Thank you to our old friends that bought funny cakes today. To our new friends, we welcome you to our world of  MAKING SMILES HAPPEN!

Our next CHOP drop off will be Santa's sleigh helping Morgan deliver lots and lots of Woofi Christmas Stockings!

Friday, August 29, 2014

3rd grade here I come!

Summer is over and boy was it fun! I spent time at the beach, went 4 wheeling and to Bushkill Falls with Poppop. I went with my Grandmom  and Grandpop to their place in New Jersey. I even did some zip lining.

Morgan's buckets received some very nice donations this summer from two awesome churches. Faith UMC in Lititz and Pennsburg UCC in Pennsburg. We also received lots of loose change from some of Morgan's followers. This Woofi Bucket ministry is truly blessed!  We are fast approaching 400  buckets donated. The children that get these buckets are all so special to us. Just today Morgan got to hand deliver one to a little girl getting her second implant. Hopefully they will become friends.  We can definitely tell God has his mighty hand in this bucket project.  So many amazing things happen that we know aren't just coincidences.  To see God working is so incredibly awesome.

Morgan has returned to Penn View for 2014-2015. She is honored to have received a generous scholarship from AG Bell! This scholarship is hard to get. You need to not only be a good student but you have to go above and beyond. Last year Morgan volunteered on Thursday nights at Operation Backpack stuffing backpacks with food for needing children. We are anxious to see what she does this year.

Thursday, June 26, 2014

Schools Out for Summer!

It is finally summer after a very long winter. 
I am now a 3rd grader.  Not sure where I am a 3rd grader at yet.  Hopefully it will be at Pennview though. We have to wait and see and if it is God’s Will we will be back to a place we now call HOME. 
Second grade was a great year.  I loved my teacher Mrs Smith.  I learned so much in second grade and if you remember she was a fifth grade teacher and moved to second grade.  I can tell  you for sure Mrs. Smith got way way more hugs this year in 2nd grade than she would have received in 5th grade.  I think she liked receiving all the hugs!  She also had to put up with a bunch of giggly girls that all became close friends. 
My dad got my sister and I Dorney tickets for our birthdays so we will be using them a lot this summer.  It is so fun there.  I am also going to read Harry Potter.
 If you remember when I was so sick in February with those kidney surgeries Art on Main decided to give me a little party when I felt better.  Mommy decided it best to wait til summer since the school year was crazy with me missing so much school.  This party is planned for next week.  Maxine and her husband Dave are such a great couple to have given this to me.  I am going to have the girls bring things for CHOP buckets instead of gifts for me to pay it forward.  It is going to be such a fun night!
Speaking of the buckets.  It will not be long til we deliver the July buckets.  We will be at CHOP for my ears birthday at the end of the month with at least 25 more buckets.
Last week I had my first dance recital.  I was nervous but I totally loved it.  I loved ballet the best.
Love, Morgan